Silence for Peace

Language of silence, calmness and peace goes beyond all communities, cultures and religions
Silence gives birth to Peace in our heart in this very moment
Listen to this symphony and enter the space of Silence
Let us become creators of a calm and peaceful life
Let us transcend all limitations and differences

Let us sound our hearts with Silence
May the Peace sing in us


2 nd Year of the Happening

18.5.2019 Square of Peace – Prague


Come and join us

From dawn till dust

"Let PEACE continue to rise from inside…“

With humility and thanks, we embrace a new form of mutual interconnection combining all aspects of conscious being and living on the planet Earth

Let the diversity and uniqueness that we bring in to our work together mingle in harmony

Let synergic co-creation become integral to the realisation of our plans

We crave to see and follow the way to profound unity

We shall enshrine complete harmony at all levels of work together

Long Live Silence for Peace“ – „Long Live Ticho pro mír“ – „Long Live Via Harmonia“ – „Long Live ...“

More information

How can you join?

  • You can support the happening with your attendance anytime during the day
  • Join the painting of the Mandala of Peace
  • If you are a meditation practitioner, sit down with us in meditative Peace
  • help to let know the info about the event
  • If you are a meditating group, connect with our coordinator of meditators
  • If you want to help the organisation of the event as a volunteer, connect with the coordinator of volunteers, we welcome also helpers from abroad
  • If you want to become a part of our team and you want to join the preparation of the event., connect with the organiser of preparations
  • If you want to support the event financially, you can use our transparent account
  • To spread the information, you can use these banners and or you can ask for printed flyers

Team of organisers

the Budapest Club CR and Czech transpersonal society.

We are deeply grateful to all supporters for their generous help


Contact Us

Please tell us about your next project and we will let you know what we can do to help you.

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